For the primary universe counterpart, see Bragonier.

In the mirror universe, Bragonier was a member of the royal house of Danter. In 2372, after Falkar was killed, Bragonier became a primary point of contact for off-worlders. Soon, he was contacted by Soleta and M'k'n'zy aboard the starship Stinger, who told him that the Danteri people had been saved through M'k'n'zy's actions. Although Bragonier assured M'k'n'zy that he had nothing to do with the deaths of the Xenexian's father and brother, M'k'n'zy informed him that he would be killed, along with the entire Danteri race.

Bragonier was probably not killed, as the attack M'k'n'zy intended to kill his people in fact was diverted by Mark McHenry to only cripple the military might of the Danteri people, targeting mostly equipment. (NF - Mirror Universe novel: Cutting Ties)

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