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The Brahma-Shiva was a type of ancient terraforming technology that was capable of quickly transforming worlds to programmed specifications, similar to the Genesis Device of Project Genesis. The Brahma-Shiva was named by Noah Powell. The Gorn referred to it as the ecosculptor.

In 2382 the Federation starship USS Titan encountered a Brahma-Shiva device while on a science research mission into mysterious worlds near Gorn territory. They found the device shortly after they found the remnants of another device. A Gorn Hegemony fleet had captured the device and were planning to use it to terraform the planet Hranrar to create a new world capable of supporting a hatchery for the Gorn warrior caste. The device was disabled by a member of the Gorn technical caste named S'syrixx. S'syrixx had come to believe that the Brahma-Shiva device was, at the very least, a reincarnation of the Great Egg Bringer S'Yahazah.

Due to the danger posed by the Brahma-Shiva, Captain Riker authorized an away team to board the device in order to destroy it. The team—including Tuvok, Ranul Keru, Xin Ra-Havreii, Qur Qontallium, SecondGen White-Blue, and S'syrixx—beamed aboard to download the artificial intelligence and then to detonate antimatter explosives. The Brahma-Shiva consciousness stopped them and disabled not only a memory pack but also White-Blue, during the memory download. Commander Tuvok decided to mind meld with the device in order to save the intelligence.

The Brahma-Shiva was destroyed shortly afterward when the Warship S'alath, under renegade Captain Gog'resssh, collided with it. Three days later both Tuvok and White-Blue would regain consciousness, retaining memories from the Brahma-Shiva.


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