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Trip discovers that T'Pol has been sending secret messages to a nearby Vulcan ship.


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Jonathan Archer | Travis Mayweather | Phlox | Malcolm Reed | Hoshi Sato | T'Pol | Charles "Trip" Tucker III


Alex | Billy | Vanik


Liam Brennan | Gaby | Haley | Kimball | Koss | Malvin | Molly McCook | Geoff Miles | Chloe O'Shannon | Tok | Gabrielle Witty


Starships and vehiclesEdit

Enterprise (NX-01) (NX class) | Ti'Mur (Suurok-class)

Referenced: Yarahla (Maymora-class)


Archer's Comet

Referenced: County Kerry | Denobula Triaxa system | Ireland | Kenmare | Worley Elementary School

Races and culturesEdit

Denobulan | Human | Vulcan

States and organisationsEdit

Earth Starfleet


caffeine | chef | comet | dark matter nebula | drilling rig | Eisillium | EV suit | "First Contact" | grappler | green tea | magnesite | milk | pecan pie | planetary nebula | plasma torch | pok tar | Polycocyx astris | snow | tractor beam | universal translator | Vulcan database | Vulcan Space Program | Vulcan survey ship | water | Zariphean tea


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The Andorian Incident
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A Time to Sow (Chapter 1)
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A Time to Sow (Chapter 2)

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