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Brenda Sorenson

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Brenda Sorenson was a human female. She was engaged to Kyle Riker in 2371; the same year, she visited the USS Enterprise with Riker when he was brought in to consult regarding a situation with the Tholians. Her own father remarried a woman whom Brenda could not stand, and as such she honed in on her own fracturing of the Kyle/Will Riker relationship. Brenda attempted to talk to Will Riker unsuccessfully, then broke off her engagement to Kyle (using a hostage situation that she was involved in as an excuse. After a counseling session with Deanna Troi, and coming to an understanding with Will Riker, she put the engagement back on. (TNG - War and Madness comics: "The First Casualty", "The Dying of the Light", "Cry Havoc")

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