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For other uses, see Brigadoon.

Brigadoon was a rift connecting the United Federation of Planets to the Gamma Quadrant dwelling Calligar that opened for a varying number of hours every 33.4 years. It was unceremoniously named by an USS Enterprise crew member in 2254 after the musical that was based on a German story about the mythical village that awoke for one day for every hundred years of sleep.

The rift was also known as "Pike's Rift" and "Anomaly T-128".

Christopher Pike's Enterprise was the first representative of the United Federation of Planets to go through the "Brigadoon" rift. In 2287, James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise-A made a second trip through the rift. The third opportunity in 2320 was ignored due to the pressing concerns of the Klingon-Romulan War. (TOS novel: The Rift)

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