Brightspot to-Srallansre was a Sivaoan who made first contact with the United Federation of Planets. Brightspot was the daughter of Stiff Tail to-Srallansre and sister of Fetchstorm to-Srallansre. Distant Smoke to-Srallansre was her half-brother.

She let Tail-Kinker to-Ennien share her tent in Stiff Tail to-Srallansre's Camp, and tried her best to aid the first contact team to get the information about ADF syndrome. By Sivaoan standards, she was 'tone deaf', and made Jinx swear in Old Tongue to her group that she would not 'take the other path', also stay a 'child' by Sivaoan Standards to get Pavel Chekov who was extrema version of ADF syndrometo her mentor Catchclaw to-Ennien.

She didn't care for her name, until one of the first contact team, asked her how she felt on a cloudy day when a beam of the sun's light came showing and she was standing in it. She answered nice and warm all over. When she completed the Walk with the crew, she choose the name "Brightspot to-Ennien."

(TOS novel: Uhura's Song)

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