Brilson Lodine was an Argelian native of Argelius II, who served as a technician on Federation Outpost 32 in the late 2370s.

In 2377, Lodine assisted the crew of the USS da Vinci in upgrading the sensors and scanning equipment of the outpost. While awaiting for the specialized equipment to arrive, he joined in a game of paintball with the da Vinci crew.

Following the contest, Lodine worked up the courage to ask Commander Sonya Gomez if she would join him for dinner, but she took it as a sign that he wanted a relationship and declined. Following the da Vinci's return to Outpost 32 following a run in with Rod Portlyn, Gomez visited Lodine and accepted his offer.

Lodine was also a fan of 21st century movies, and had obtained a three-dimensional holographic version of Rocky VIII: The Clone Factor. (CoE eBook: The Art of the Comeback) Gomez later commented that Lodine's tastes were "unfortunate," though she admitted to having a pleasant time with him. (CoE eBook: Signs from Heaven)

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