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Brink was a 24th century Human male who served in Starfleet. By the 2360s, Brink served as the first officer of the Federation starship USS Brattain under the command of Captain Chantal Zaheva.

In 2367, the Brattain was trapped in a Tyken's Rift, a phenomena which nullfied the energy output of a starship's warp drive and impulse engines. While the Brattain was disabled, the crew began to suffer severe REM sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep caused insanity in Brink and all the other people on the Brattain, including both Brink and Zaheva. Captain Zaheva recorded in a log entry that Brink and his people had sabotaged the engines on the Brattain. Not long afterwards Brink and all save one of the people on the Brattain died either by murder or suicide. The bodies of Brink and all the other victims of the mass insanity were recovered by the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG episode: "Night Terrors", ST reference: Encyclopedia)



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