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Earth launches its first starship of exploration, Enterprise, on a mission to return an injured Klingon to his homeworld.


Nearly ninety years after Zefram Cochrane's warp flight and first contact, humans have been guided by Vulcans towards developing the first warp five engine. Now that engine has been developed and installed aboard Earth's first warp five starship, Enterprise, commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer, son of the engine's chief designer. When a Klingon shuttlecraft crashlands in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, Enterprise's launch date is moved up in order to take the sole Klingon, Klaang, home to his people. Despite protests from Vulcan Ambassador Soval, Admiral Maxwell Forrest orders Archer to assemble his crew and prepare to leave in three days.



Jonathan ArcherMaxwell ForrestAlex GaetaKlaangDaniel LeonardTravis MayweatherMoorePhloxPorthosMalcolm ReedSarinHoshi SatoSilikSovalTosT'PolCharles Tucker IIIMarcus Williams
Referenced only 
Henry ArcherSally ArcherChefZefram CochraneBilly CookGodAdolf HitlerHoratio NelsonLi QuanJoseph Stalin

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Elkan NineEnterprise (NX-01) (NX-class) • Orbital SixSuliban cell ship


Customs CenterStarfleet SpacedockSuliban HelixWarp Five Complex


Altair systemArcturus systemRigel systemSector 3641

Planets, moons and planetoidsEdit

DraylaxEarthJupiterMarsNeptuneQo'noSRigel XTeneebian Moon (1)Teneebian Moon (2)Trillius Prime


AfricaBig Sur AquariumBrazilGrand CanyonHawaiiJapanOklahomaQuintash PlazaSan FranciscoSausalitoTulsaUniverse PlanetariumVulcan Compound

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Central SecurityEarth StarfleetInterspecies Medical ExchangeKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilSpacecrate IncorporatedStarfleet MedicalSuliban CabalVulcan High CommandVulcan Institute of Creative Condescension

Other referencesEdit

Altarian marsupialamoebaappleAustrianbadgerbaked beanbazaarbeaglebiobedboomerbootbreadstickBritishbutterflycandlecatCeltchameleonChinesecocoadilithiumdisruptorDNAdogdragondry icedust-dwelling tickeggegg drop soupforkghostgrapplergrizzly bearguinea pighathawaiian shirtHunimmunocytic gel wormInternally Metered Pulse Drivejeansjellyfishkingknifeleadleimagnetic coil readermammothmarshmallowmethyloxideOld WestorangeOrientalosmotic eelOuija boardphase pistolpigplasma pistolplasma rifleplexiglasspork'n'beanspotatosesame seedshortssilverspareribspearspiderspongeswitchbladeTemporal Cold Wartennis shoetoilettransportertrouserT-shirtuniformVikingwheatWorld War II



Novelization imagesEdit

Episode imagesEdit


Star Trek: Enterprise prose publications
Novelizations Broken BowShockwaveThe Expanse
Original novels set during the series By the BookWhat Price Honor?Surak's SoulDaedalusDaedalus's ChildrenLast Full MeasureRosetta
set after the series The Good That Men DoKobayashi MaruThe Romulan War (Beneath the Raptor's WingTo Brave the Storm) • Rise of the Federation (A Choice of FuturesTower of BabelUncertain LogicLive by the CodePatterns of Interference )
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Chapter 6
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What Price Honor?
Prologue Section 2
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Voyages of the
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Fight or Flight
The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in 2151.
The Pocket Books Timeline places events from this story in one other timeframe:
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A Girl for Every Star
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