Brooking was a Federation Council Representative in the 24th century.


By the year 2385, Brooking was the head of a Federation Council committee that was working to improve Federation\Romulan relations. That year, Brooking was contacted by Major Varis of the Romulan Repatriation Committee to protest that Starfleet Captain Ro Laren, commanding officer of starbase Deep Space 9, had approached Elim Garak, Castellan of the Cardassian Union, on behalf of Nestor Mhevita Pa'Dan seeking information on Cardassians who had been imprisoned during the Dominion War and whose fates were unknown. Brooking ordered Ro to make amends to Varis, whose position as head of the Committee had been weakened by the involvement of Garak in the issue. (DS9 novel: The Missing)

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