For other uses, see Stephen.

Brother Stephen.

Brother Stephen was the Ignaciate of the Acolytes of the Stars on the planet Pollux V. A sturdy man of advanced years with blue eyes with clarity, curiosity and directness, he was especially interested in scientific research of the planet. He had a primitive laboratory next to the chapel, and liked to collect specimens.

Based on his analysis of the planet's ring, he had constructed a theoretical model of simulation to see how the planet's ancient moon might have been. He also developed his own theories about the tectonic anomalies of the mining area around Mount Idyll and speculated that the planet was previously inhabited.

In the year 2269, he was tending Brother Chub and considered taking some Laraxian berries growing near the mouth of a cave on Mount Idyll however he would not approach because of infernal beings guarding the area.

When a landing party of the Federation starship USS Enterprise with Captain James T. Kirk, Spock, Doctor Leonard McCoy and Ensign Everts visited the planet to investigate the appearance of those beings, Stephen sent them to acquire some of the berries. (TOS video game: Star Trek: 25th Anniversary)

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