Brunolf Katajavuori, or "Bruno" as he was commonly called, was a young Human man who attended Starfleet Academy with Tom Paris in the 24th century.


He was described as a "tall, big-boned man with sand-colored hair, pale brown eyes, and a fair complexion with permanently ruddy cheeks." He grew up in Finland and became an avid skier, recalling that his parents made him ski to school everyday. During his time in the Academy, Bruno, along with Paris and Odile Launay, joined the Academy ski team and competed in skiing events with other schools on Earth. He was planning on completing another three years at the Academy and receiving an astrophysics degree.

During their senior year, Paris, Charlie Day, Launay, and Bruno were practicing a strafing run in the Vega system's asteroid belt when Paris, the team leader, failed to pull up in time and subsequently caused Day's, Lanai's, and Bruno's crafts to crash into the asteroid, killing them instantly. Paris covered up his fault in the accident, claiming that Bruno was actually leading the attack run. Eight months later, Paris finally admitted liability for the accident, clearing Bruno's name. (VOY novel: Pathways)