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Burger King Star Trek Toys Commercial00:31

Burger King Star Trek Toys Commercial

This commercial from Burger King advertised promotional toys relating to the TOS movie: Star Trek that were part of a kid's meal. It featured a fantasy sequence that took place on the bridge of the USS Enterprise


The Enterprise encounters the Narada in space. The bridge is manned by a man, a woman, and two children wearing Starfleet uniforms. The children are eating food from the kids meal and using toys with voice recordings of Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura to answer the captain.

It is revealed that this is a fantasy moment when the man, in reality father and husband, falls backwards screaming in his living room chair, supposedly after the Narada fires on their ship, starling his wife and amusing his kids. A Burger King restaurant graphic morphs into a starship and flies away.


  • Husband and Father/Captain
  • Wife and Mother/Bridge Crew
  • Daughter and Sister/Communications Officer
  • Son and Brother/Helmsman

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