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The CDS Groumall (CUF-2700) was the prototype of the Groumall-class cargo ships in service to the Cardassian Union's Central Command in the late 24th century. In mid-2372, Gul Skrain Dukat was assigned command of the Groumall following his demotion after his illegitimate daughter, Tora Ziyal was discovered and brought to Cardassia Prime. (ST:CCG: Deep Space Nine, Decipher RPG module: Starships)

A few months later, the Groumall was assigned to transport Major Kira Nerys to a joint Cardassian-Bajoran conference on the Klingon Empire being held on Korma. On arrival at Korma, the Groumall was confronted by a Klingon bird-of-prey commanded by K'Temang. While the Klingons had destroyed the colony, they refused to attack a weak cargo vessel.

Following the encounter, Dukat and Kira mounted a system-5 disruptor from the wreckage of the colony inside the Groumall's cargo bay and followed K'Temang to Loval. The disruptor fired effectively on the bird-of-prey, but the Groumall was severely damaged when the Klingons returned fire. Kira managed to switch the crews of the two ships via transporter, and Dukat then used the bird-of-prey's weapons to destroy the Groumall with the Klingon crew aboard. (DS9 episode: "Return to Grace")



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