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Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook.


A FASA RPG sourcebook, part of the starter pack of Star Trek: The Role Playing Game.

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Earth and FederationEdit

Neil ArmstrongChristine ChapelPavel ChekovChestertonJohn ChristopherCarlosD.W. DavidsonJack DelmarVincent DeSalleAmanda GraysonJacqueline LopezHollisterCyrano JonesKavendishEdith KeelerJames T. KirkAaron KlingRoger KorbyWinston KyleAbraham LincolnJabilo M'BengaJoanna McCoyLeonard McCoyHarcourt Fenton MuddCasey O'ConnorParvenuChristopher PikeJanice RandSanatSarekSarloMontgomery ScottKhan Noonien SinghSpockDave SterlingLee David SterlingWilliam B. SterlingHikaru SuluT'PallaUhuraLeo Francis Walsh




Gary SevenGuardian of Forever

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Earth and FederationEdit

USS ConstitutionUSS HoodUSS LexingtonUSS Enterprise
SS Botany Bay (DY-100-class) • USS Daniel BooneUSS Mayflower




battle cruiserscoutshuttlecraft


Cities and planetary locationsEdit

Luna CityScotlandJapan

Outposts and stationsEdit

Armstrong CenterCental Navigation BeaconFaraway Observation StationMemory AlphaStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Headquarters

Planets and planetoidsEdit

AxanarCaitCatullaEarthEdosKafta VIILunaNew ParisOrganiaOrion homeworldPlanet QPlutoS'sgarnonVulcan

Stars and star systemsEdit

AdharaAntaresAntosArgeliusAriannusBeneciaBetelgeuseCerberus systemCetus systemCochrane systemCygnia MirosDaranDeHaDenebIllyriaJanusMAOMarkusNovoe PetrogradRigelSolSpicaTautallusTheta system

Stellar regionsEdit

Romulan Neutral Zone

States and organizationsEdit

Federation Academy of SciencesFederation CouncilGorn AllianceKafta VII Colonial GovernmentKlingon EmpireOrion ColoniesRomulan Star EmpireScience Council of LunaStar FleetStarfleet Colonial Operations CommandStarfleet Galaxy Exploration CommandStarfleet Merchant Marine CommandStarfleet Military Operations CommandTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of PlanetsUnited NationsUnited States of AmericaUnited States Air Force

Races and culturesEdit


Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralassistant chief engineercadetcaptainchief engineerchief medical officerchief science officercommandercommanding officercommunications officerengineerensignfirst officerhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant commandermedical officermidshipmannavigatornursescience officerscientistsupervisortechniciantransporter chiefyeoman

Weapons and technologyEdit

artificial gravitycommunicationscommunicatorcomputercryogenic sleepdeflector shieldenvironmental suitgenetic engineeringNomadnuclear weaponphaserphoton torpedosensorsubspace communicationstelescopetransporterwarp drive


Babel ConferenceEugenics WarsRomulan War

Treaty and lawEdit

Organian Peace Treaty

Materials and substancesEdit


Awards and decorationsEdit

Federation Medal of HonorKaragite Order of HeroismPalm Leaf of Axanar Peace MissionGrankite Order of TacticsPrantares Ribbon of CommendationSilver PalmStarfleet Citation for Conspicuous GallantryVulcan Scientific Legion of HonorLegion of HonorStarfleet Award of Valor

Other referencesEdit

20th century23rd centuryAmerican historyarchaeologyartasteroidasteroid beltastrogationastronauticsastronomyastrophysicsbagpipebionicsbotanychemistrycolonydiplomacyecologyeconomicsEnglishexobiologyFederation historyFrenchGaelicGalactageneticsgeologyharphelmhydrologyKlingonaaselanguageLatinlawmathematicsmedicinemeteorologymoonnewsfaxOrion languagepathologyphysicspilotplanetpoetrypsychologyrankraces and culturesreference stardatereligionRomulan languageRussiansciencesecurityserial numberstardatestarstar systemstarshipSwahilisubspacet negativetechnologyTellarite languagethree-dimensional chesstreatyunidentified flying objectVegan choriomeningitisVulcan cultureVulcan historyVulcan languageVulcan lyreweaponzero-gravityzoology


20th centuryEdit

stardate -1/3011.19 
Edith Keeler dies.
stardate -1/6701.25 
USAF Captain John Christopher momentarily sights Enterprise.
stardate -1/6803.29 
Gary Seven infiltrates an Earth nuclear weapon launch
stardate -1/6907.20 
Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.
stardates -1/9206 to 9609 
Eugenics Wars.
stardate -1/9609.22 
SS Botany Bay launched.
stardate -1/9704.18 
American/Japanese moonbase built.
stardate -1/9904 
Sol's asteroid belt opened to colonization.

21st centuryEdit

stardate 0001.01 
Luna declares independence from Earth. Reference stardates begin.
stardate 2011.17 
Contact lost with Nomad.
stardate 3605 
Subspace communications theorized.

23rd centuryEdit

stardate 1257.6 
Lee Sterling saves Kafta VII from a potential asteroid impact.

External linkEdit

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