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Captain John Harriman is the commander of the USS Enterprise B. He is also the man many hold responsible for the mysterious disappearance and presumed death of James Tiberius Kirk, the renowned Starfleet captain by whom all others are judged. How does a man recover from killing a legend? Find out in this very special issue! Guest starring Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy.


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ChorothJohn HarrimanJames T. KirkKurrMarruuLeonard McCoyMontgomery ScottSh'GothDemora SuluMark Tobiastonunnamed USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-B) personnel
Referenced only 
David MarcusKrugeSpock

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USS Enterprise-B (Excelsior-class) • IKS Vengeance (K't'inga-class)
Referenced only 
IKS B'rel (B'rel-class) • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Enterprise-A (Constitution II-class)


AntaresAntares (planet)

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Klingon EmpireStarfleet

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boarding partybridgecadetcaptaincommanderdeflector controldoctorengineeringensigng'dathhailKhitomer AccordslieutenantMSDpersonal logphoton torpedophysicianred alertreserve activation clauseSaurian brandysectorshield emittersshieldssickbayTerrellian virustractor beamtransportertransporter roomturboliftuniversevrillyellow alert


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Captain's Log: Harriman article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

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