The captain's log of the USS Enterprise-D was used by the ship's commanding officer tp record occurences aboard ship.

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  • "Captain's log, Stardate 45252.8. Starfleet has ordered the Enterprise and three other Federation vessels to the Eterian nebula in response to a disturbing report from one of our vessels undertaking a routine training flight in the area. With little intelligence to go on and no sign of the Defiant, we have begun an intensive scan of the surrounding area to discover what may have happened to her. Our chief engineer says all our systems are functioning properly. However, we seem to be unable to create a stable warp field. Sensors indicate this system is littered with objects that are giving off inverse graviton bursts. They seem to be having a destabilising effect on our warp fields. We're also detecting something, a faint signal coming from within the nebula. It seems to be a Federation transponder. We should move to investigate." (ST video game: Legacy)
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