The captain's log of the USS Stargazer was the method used by the commanding officer to record what happened to their starship and to officially record the ship's missions.

Log entrantsEdit



The following entry was Captain Ruhalter's final log entry, having been recorded shortly before his death.

The following entry was Captain Picard's first log entry after being formally made captain of the Stargazer.

  • "Captain's log, Stardate 10374.8. This is my first entry as the captain of a starship, though I wish my command bars hadn't come with such a high cost. With the loss of Captain Ruhalter and several of my crewmates, I grieve for us all. However, they died holding up the highest traditions of Starfleet, proudly doing their best to rise to the challenge and overcome great odds. Our friends and comrades will be missed. I will endeavour to be a captain worthy of such a fine crew and such a fine ship. I do regret that Starfleet has been unable to determine the whereabouts of the vessel which brought the Romulans to our doorstep. Perhaps, in time, we'll be able to piece together what really happened here today in an effort to give it meaning"

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