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The Captain's log on the USS Surak was the method used by the commanding officer to record the course of events and circumstances that the starship and crew encountered.

Log entrantsEdit



  • TOS comic: "All Those Years Ago..."
    • Captain's Log, Stardate 8370.2, Captain Spock reporting 
      "Following orders from Starfleet Command, the USS Surak has rendezvoused with the USS Excelsior.

      The exact purpose of our mission has not been made clear to us, although certain logical speculations are inevitable, the more so when one considers the historical context of the coordinates of our meeting.
  • TOS comic: "The Trouble With Transporters!"
    • Captain's log, stardate 8892.3 
      The Surak has been assigned the study of the planet Verdee, recently discovered and explored by the crew of the USS Excelsior. We have, unfortunately, arrived at Verdee too late for a reunion with my friends aboard that ship.

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