The Captain's personal log on Enterprise (NX-01) was the personal log used by the commanding officer to record the events of this ship, as he perceived them, unofficially.

Log entrantsEdit



Star Trek: LegacyEdit

The following entry was recorded before the search for the source of the Romulan mutagenic virus.

  • "Captain's personal log, May 12th, 2159. Our medical experts have confirmed the plague infecting the Epsilon Theta system was most definitely an artificial event. Due to the level of sophistication they indicate is necessary to synthesize something this complex and lethal, we suspect Romulan involvement. The First Minister of Epsilon Theta Prime has provided us with a holographic image of an alien ship that was observed surveying the planets in that region. Its design indicates it is a vessel used by the Encari, an isolationist people whose homeworld of Encaria is located just two light years from Romulan space. Fearing the worst, I have been ordered to investigate. The Encari might be just a tool for the Romulans, or given their recent behaviour, they might have a foothold in our neck of the woods. Either prospect gives me pause, but we need to find an answer to this disease and fast."

The following entry was recorded after the failed Romulan attack on Tiburn.

  • "Captain's personal log, supplemental. The Tiburn system has been contaminated with the bio-agent. However, we managed to prevent the Romulans from using their weapon on Earth, and stopped their advance deeper into our space. We'll have to move quickly to synthesize a counter agent from the sample we created, but at least we can do something to help the people in this system. I don't know exactly how or why the Romulans would try such a desperate move, but I have a feeling that Commander T'Uerell is involved in this incident. And for my part, I want the Vulcans to answer some questions about what this T'Uerell was really doing out here and why they wanted her back so badly. I doubt Starfleet has heard the last of her, and I want us to be prepared for her next encounter."

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