Carn Bornall was a Chodak who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago during the era of the Chodak Empire's rule of a large quadrant of the galaxy. He served as a Celestial Engineer that was overseeing the creation of the Unity Device which secured his peoples domination of known space.

Bornall argued that the machine should only be used to craft stellar events rather then be used as a tool of conquest as was seen in the military as well as bureaucratic arms. As debated by the scientists in the Platch dens, he detailed that continued use of the Unity Device would cause fissures in the time space continuum for its continued use.

To that end, he along with other members of the scientific arms based on Frigis, stole the device and sent it into the future which in turn caused the Chodak Empire to collapse overnight as the second-class races rose against them. For his actions, Carn Bornall was arrested for treason in the Great Treachery. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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