Caruch the Blessed was an Orion starship captain.

During the Battle of Botchok, on January 3rd 94 BCE (reference stardate -20/9401.03), his force of 17 ships made a miraculous appearance behind the Nine Worlds Confederation fleet, and opened fire on the unshielded sterns of the largest warships, including the flagship. Most of the enemy ships were destroyed, and the rest were trapped between the two Orion forces. Barely a handful of Nine Worlds ships got out alive to tell their tale.

His actions ensured victory, and the beginning of the Orion War of independence.

Afterwards, he was promoted from captain to admiral. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

Caruch presumably arrived in response to the Recall of the Pirates; thus he was probably an early Orion pirate.

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