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Cassiopeia Delta, also known as Ruchbah, Ksora, Delta Cassiopeiae or 37 Cassiopeiae, was a star system, a binary star located somewhere in the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.


This system was visible from Earth in the Sol system, some 99 light years distant, in the constellation of Cassiopeia. This system was within boundaries of territory claimed by the United Federation of Planets. The Cassiopeia Delta system's orbit was the location of a number of worlds, including seventh planet, Cassiopeia Delta VII. (TNG comics: "Serafin's Survivors", "Shadows in the Garden")

Since Delta Cassiopeiae is a "real" star system, modern scientists know a few things about its distance and makeup that were not in Star Trek.

System makeupEdit

  • Cassiopeia Delta primary
    • Cassiopeia Delta I
    • Cassiopeia Delta II
    • Cassiopeia Delta III
    • Cassiopeia Delta IV
    • Cassiopeia Delta V
    • Cassiopeia Delta VI
    • Cassiopeia Delta VII



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