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Nuok Tal-4Nuok Tal-2Nuok Tal-5Nuok Tal-7Nuok Tal-1Nuok Tal-3Nuok Tal-6Nuok Tal-8Jhark Torkak-94Jhark Torkak-34Jhark Torkak-79Jhark Torkak-498Jhark Torkak-91Jhark Torkak-50Jhark Torkak-56Jhark Torkak-19T'mak Gor-K4T'mak Gor-K2T'mak Gor-K5T'mak Gor-K7T'mak Gor-K3T'mak Gor-K1T'mak Gor-K6T'mak Gor-K8Trenok-3Trenok-2Trenok-5Trenok-6Trenok-4Trenok-1Trenok-4Trenok-8Altark-6Xltark-4XAltark-8XAltark-2XAltark-1XAltark-3XAltark-9XAltark-7XTuok MR-819Tuok MR-090Tuok MR-184Tuok MR-024Tuok MR-412Tuok MR-798Tuok MR-738Tuok MR-95Jhark Tehm-837Jhark Tehm-058Jhark Tehm-648Jhark Tehm-864Jhark Tehm-786Jhark Tehm-843Jhark Tehm-914Jhark Tehm-654Cefta Nor-7RCefta Nor-6DCefta Nor-0PCefta Nor-3ECefta Nor-9HCefta Nor-3WCefta Nor-1QCefta Nor-7UArbak-1T4Arbak-1T7Arbak-1T9Arbak-1T3Arbak-4T2Arbak-4T4Arbak-4T7Arbak-4T0Vratphk-3Vratphk-1Vratphk-5Vratphk-7Vratphk-4Vratphk-2Vratphk-6Vratphk-8Elvok NorOpek NorPeltras NorQulash Nor

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