Quadrant 1 stars and systems.

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Antares A/Antares BBeta Lyrae/Beta Lyra/10 Lyrae/Sheliak systemBeta AntaresLavinius/leviniusUpsilon MensaeGamma 7Skorr systemTrumbull's StarUFC 611-Beta/C-111Maluria system/Malurian systemTheta CygniMalurian system/Maluria system/Omega-2 CygniZeta ReticuliJem 417RritHrubaKzin systemChuft/Chuft systemMrivaKchulaArdana system/Ardanan system/Mu LeonisGamma VertisCheron binary system/83 Leonis/83 Leonis BTychoOmicron system/Omicron (star)Skorr systemunnamed Quadrant 1 stars and systems (Kalandan outpost star)

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