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Alpha VolantisZeta VolantisMu VelorumTalvathDelta HydriBeta VolantisLambda CraterisKhazara systemEta AntliaeMu HorologiiGamma MensaeDelta VelorumEta HorologiiAlpha OniasPsi VelorumBeta ReticuliIota HydriGacruxGamma CrucisGamma CraterisDelta PhoenicisEta CrucisAlpha HydriRho VirginisEta CorviPi MensaeIota CarinaeKappa TucanaeTerix systemGamma TucanaeTerix (star)Iota CarinaeNu OctantisMenkentTheta CentauriHaakona systemEpsilon PhoenicisRho TucanaeCevrincSpikalTithadiB'levStelam DelethamBu'uli Tev


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