This is a list of Starfleet personnel who have been specified as serving in a security department. While security careers are generally specialized to operations division certified personnel, sometimes engineers or command division personnel (possibly, among others) take on this role in the short or long term. For Starfleet personnel in the mirror universe, see Category:Imperial Starfleet security personnel.

All personnel here should also be added to Category:Starfleet personnel. This could also be known as "redshirt central" for 23rd century crewpeople. In the interests of completeness, this list includes all Starfleet security personnel, commissioned or enlisted, no matter what other Starfleet personnel subcategories they also are listed in. Also, please include personnel with known specialties and ranks in the appropriate subcategories. There is no need to categorize personnel in the "operations division" category if their entire operations service is security, however.

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