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Apollinari (NCC-50027) • Bagration (NCC-50029) • Barcley d'Tolly (NCC-50030) • Bellisarius (NCC-50005) • Blucher (NCC-50001) • Caesaria (NCC-50013) • Carver (NCC-50025) • Colloredo (NCC-50003) • Cordoba (NCC-50004) • Davout (NCC-50019) • Drake (NCC-50026) • Garth (NCC-50006) • Nathaniel Green (NCC-50021) • Hawkins (NCC-50028) • Lur'Shann (NCC-50018) • Manstein (NCC-50031) • Marlborough (NCC-50012) • Mordaecai (NCC-50008) • Montgomery (NCC-50009) • Murat (NCC-50020) • Napoleon (NCC-50002) • Ney (NCC-50023) • Patton (NCC-50032) • R'dannan (NCC-50017) • Rommel (NCC-50007) • Saxe (NCC-50016) • Tilly (NCC-50011) • Trogan (NCC-50014) • Uxbridge (NCC-50022) • Wallenstein (NCC-50015) • Wellington (NCC-50000)

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