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The Caxtonians are a huge, hairy humanoid species from the Alpha or Beta Quadrants. They have a reputation for being excellent pilots, although some believed they had poor social skills, fiery tempers and an unpleasant body odor.

A Caxtonian freighter captain was drinking in The Captain's Table when James T. Kirk and Hikaru Sulu visited it. Some of the patrons were irritated by his odor. (TOS - The Captain's Table novel: War Dragons)

Another (or the same?) Caxtonian in the Captain's Table listened and reacted to Benjamin Sisko's story about the Mist. (DS9 - The Captain's Table novel: The Mist)

In 2371, a Caxtonian pilot helped Benjamin Sisko and the crew to discover the legendary Jibetian ship Nibix, which had been missing for eight centuries. (DS9 novel: The Long Night)

A year later, Quark claimed that Miles O'Brien had killed two Caxtonians. Their brother later confronted O'Brien, starting a riot in Quark's. (DS9 novel: The Heart of the Warrior)

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