Centenarian is a Human term used for an individual that has lived to or beyond 100 years of age. A super-centenarian refers to an individual who has lived past 110 years of age.

Prior to first contact with the Vulcans in 2063, it was rare for humans to live to even 100 years of age, much less past that. Only about one in six thousand humans made it to the age of 100, and only about one in seven million humans lived to or past the age of 110. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact)

Following first contact, as conditions improved on Earth, humans began to live longer. Famed early Starfleet captain and former United Federation of Planets President Jonathan Archer lived to the age of 132 before dying on 5 July 2245. (ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

By the 24th century, it had become much more common for humans to live a century or more. Many Starfleet officers remained on active duty well past their 100th birthdays. Such officers included Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Elias Vaughn, Pavel Chekov, Leonard McCoy and Leonard James Akaar. The Federation official Nilz Baris also lived well past the age of 100, and was still alive in the 2370s. April Wade of the University of Nairobi was over a hundred in 2371. (TLE novel: Catalyst of Sorrows, TNG episode: "Encounter at Farpoint", ST novel: The Return, DS9 short story: "Dorian's Diary", DS9 novel: Avatar, Book One, DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Twilight, DS9 episode: "Prophet Motive")

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