For other uses, see Decius.

The ChR Decius was a Romulan cruiser in service in the late 23rd century, and was commanded by Commander Maximinus Thrax in the late 2260s.


In 2268, the Decius was dispatched to the planet Arachnae in the Romulan Neutral Zone to claim it for the Romulan Star Empire as it entered their space. Unfortunately, Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise were also dispatched to the planet to access the Arachnians. (TOS novel: Vulcan!)


Ships named Decius
Romulan Star Empire
(prime reality)
ChR DeciusIRW Decius (D'deridex-class)IRW Decius (Scimitar-class) RomulanEmblem
Romulan Star Empire
(Kelvin timeline)
Decius (Centurion-class)Decius (Cetratus-class)Decius (Gladius-class)Decius (Patronus-class)Decius (Securis-class) Romulan logo alternate

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