The ChR Scorah was a Romulan Star Empire starship, a cruiser in Romulan Imperial Fleet service in the late 22nd century. In the 2150s decade, the Scorah was under the command of Primus Oran.

In the year 2158, the Scorah and and her Imperial Swarm were conducting an exploratory mapping mission near the, as-yet-undiscovered planet Gullrey. During the mission, the Scorah was approached by an unidentified vessel (later revealed to belong to the Rey) with a simple design and low-warp capability. With little threat detected, Primus Oran ordered that the Scorah dock with the unidentified vessel and board it.

After docking was completed, the five alien passengers were able to board the Scorah and attemped to communicate with the Romulans. However, Oran saw an opportunity to locate the alien's homeworld and take it for the Romulan Star Empire and improve his own standing back home, and began to interrogate the aliens. Unfortunately, a fight broke out between the Scorah crew as they disagreed on the treatment of the aliens. Shortly after, there was a massive explosion in engineering and the Scorah was destroyed. (TOS novel: The Great Starship Race)

ChR Scorah personnelEdit

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