Chab jav Lorg was a Tellarite male who served as President of the United Federation of Planets in the mid-2270s. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)


In 2270, Lorg was serving as Federation Councillor for the Confederated Martian Colonies. That year, he served on the Federation Intelligence Council, and was one of fourteen Councillors from that sub-council and from the Federation Science Council who would decide the fate of Federation research into time travel. As a result, he was the target of influence from Starfleet Admiral Antonio Delgado, who tried to appeal to his desire to shed light on the often-overlooked role of Mars's Tellarite population in its history. As a result of Delgado's appeal, Councillor Lorg was supported continued research into time travel rather than an outright ban; his and others' support eventually helped lead to the establishment of the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations that year.

By 2275, Lorg had been elected Federation President. That year, Admiral Delgado was forced to leave Starfleet as a result of an agreement reached between Federation Science Council Chair T'Nuri of Vulcan and the Vedala, who wished to prevent Federation legal proceedings from investigating Delgado's Timeship Two conspiracy. As a result, Delgado served as a nominal adviser to President Lorg from 2275 to 2276 before retiring. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

The ST novel: Articles of the Federation established that special elections are called when a President unexpectedly leaves office, and that the only special elections in Federation history occurred in 2379 and after Hiram Roth's death. Given the four-year presidential terms and 2372 as a baseline election year, we can infer that President Lorg was elected in 2272 and was in office at least from early 2273 to early 2277 (though this was not explicitly established).

Preceded by:
Federation Councillor for the Confederated Martian Colonies
circa 2270
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Lorne McLaren (circa 2269)
President of the United Federation of Planets
circa 2275, 2276
Succeeded by:
Hiram Roth (circa 2286)
Presidents of the United Federation of Planets
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Nero's alternate timeline Pellan Fel (c. 2255)

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