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The Chakuun Ghostship is a type of large starship used by the Chakuun, a subject race of the Tholian Assembly. It is implied by a Chakuun officer that the ships are of Tholian manufacture. They are more than a match against Federation starships.


Theta Kalyb

Aftermath of Chakuun bombardment on Theta Kalyb

Ghostships were protected by layered shielding, and armed with a powerful Fusion caster modified for planetary bombardment. Ghostships also carried aboard them squadrons of fighter craft.

In combat, ghostships were superior to anything Starfleet could fight them with. A Constitution class starship could not penetrate the ghostship's shields with its phasers and could barely survive a glancing blow from the Chakuun's fusion caster.

Against a fleet of ghostships, Christopher Pike noted a taskforce consisting of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) and four smaller ships was "no match". (EV comic: "The Fallen")

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