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Chaltok was an M class red star in Romulan Star Empire space in the Beta Quadrant. It had a magnitude of +1, making it a hundred times brighter than Sol. (ST reference: Star Charts; STO mission: "The Price of Neutrality")


The Chaltok system could be visually seen from Space Station KR-3. In 2311, Elias Vaughn stood in front of a viewport on the space station and tested his memory, naming all the major stars he could see in Romulan space. (TLE novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)

The system's fourth planet, Chaltok IV, was the home of a Romulan research colony that was nearly destroyed by a polaric ion energy explosion in 2268. (VOY episode: "Time and Again")

The video game Conquest mistakenly gives the date of the accident as 2371, the date of the episode.

By 2409 a Yridian colony had settled on the former site of the outpost. (STO mission: "The Price of Neutrality")


In a reality where the galaxy's races and cultures collapsed into full-scale war in 2364, Chaltok was one of the systems embroiled in the breakdown of diplomacy. Chaltok produced only about a quarter of the resources as the Romulan system, and fell out of Romulan control around the time of that conflict. (ST video game: Conquest)

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