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Chaltok IV was a planet in Romulan space, the fourth planet in the Chaltok star system.


Chaltok IV housed a Romulan research outpost in the 2260s. The planet was almost destroyed in a polaric ion energy explosion in 2263, which led to the signing of the Polaric Test Ban Treaty in 2268. (VOY episode: "Time and Again"; ST video game: Star Trek Online)

By 2409 Chaltok IV was home to a predominantly Yridian colony on the site of the old research outpost. The newly formed Romulan Republic suspected that it was being used for weapons smuggling and Commander Nadel dispatched the Virinat Survivor to investigate. They discovered that Lortrix, the Reman head of the colony, was funneling weapons to the Hirogen, and were then attacked by the hunter race. The Survivor defeated their away teams and then returned to their ship, whereupon they activated an autonomous missile satellite in orbit of the planet to help them destroy the Hirogen ships.

After this, the IRW Aethra under the command of Charva decloaked in front of them. Charva claimed that D'Tan's Republic was a terrorist organization and not worthy of the Survivor's allegiance. (STO mission: "The Price of Neutrality")

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