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Charles "Charlie" Evans was born in 2249. However, he lost his parents in 2252, when their ship crashed on the planet Thasus. Charlie was the only survivor of the crash, but the three-year-old was cared for by the non-corporeal Thasians. The Thasians granted Charlie extraordinary powers, allowing him to survive on their inhospitable world and Charlie learned more about his human culture and language from the record banks of his crashed ship.

Charlie remained alone on Thasus until he was rescued by the USS Antares in 2266. He used his powers to control the crew of the Antares, who rendezvoused with the USS Enterprise so that Charlie could be with surviving family members on Colony 5. Charlie attempted to use his powers against the crew of the Enterprise as he did on the Antares, but he found a starship to be harder to control than a freighter. As a result his powers failed, and he was returned to Thasus by the Thasians. (TOS episode: "Charlie X")


Starfleet Academy #8:"X²".

In 2373 it is believed that the powers the Thasians gave Charlie kept him from aging, Charlie once again managed to escape the confinement of the Thasians and was rescued by a Federation prospecting ship. A rendezvous was arranged with a group of Starfleet Academy cadets known as Omega Squad, but by the time Omega Squad arrived, they found that the ship was all but destroyed, and the crew gone.

Omega Squad found Charlie hiding onboard the vessel claiming no knowledge of the crew's whereabouts. When the cadets discovered the truth about Charlie, he sent them to a pocket universe of his own creation, where they encountered the missing ship's crew. Cadet T'Priell managed to talk Charlie down from his rage, and he restored everybody to their proper place, seemingly at a great cost to himself. (SA comic: "")




Charlie X cameo

Charlie cameoing in Year Four, Issue 4.

A character who looked very much like Charlie also made a cameo appearance in the TOS comic: "Year Four, Issue 4", as a member of a crowd on Viden. However, this does not seem to be an actual appearance of the character.

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