Charles Marsters was the captain of the Victoria Adams, a Federation research vessel. Marsters attended the Vulcan Science Academy.

In 2372, Marsters commanded the Victoria Adams on a mission to observe a cometary deluge that was due to take place on the planet KDZ-E25F. Captain Marsters later sent a distress call to Deep Space 9 after the Victoria Adams was attacked by Klingon forces who had blockaded the planet. The crew of Deep Space 9 learned that Marsters had ordered all passengers and non-essential crew to evacuate the ship aboard a shuttle to the planet, while he planned to lead the Victoria Adams away from the planet with the Klingons in pursuit. Marsters was later killed when the Cardassian military outpost at KDZ-A17J destroyed the Victoria Adams. (DS9 - Day of Honor novel: Armageddon Sky)

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