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Charlie Whatley was a high ranking Starfleet admiral who had a post in San Francisco in the 2370s. He had a son called Kevin and was a friend of Benjamin Sisko.

Admiral Whatley ordered the evacuation of Deep Space 9 in late 2372, after the Ferengi Alliance declared war on Bajor. (DS9 novel: The 34th Rule)

After Omega Squad illegally travelled to Talos IV, Admiral Whatley was part of the panel that oversaw their court martial. (SA comic: "Judgment")

In 2373, Admiral Whatley contacted Captain Sisko to inform him that Bajor's Federation membership signing would take place on Deep Space 9 soon. (DS9 episode: "Rapture")

By 2376, Admiral Whatley had become Commandant of Starfleet Academy. He gave Professor Miles O'Brien permission to travel to Deep Space 9 in that year. (DS9 novel: Lesser Evil)


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