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Charlottes Shields, Inc. was a Centauran business firm that was situated at Quiberion Prime in Alpha Centauri and was founded in Stardate 1/7002.07 by Doctor Elizabeth Charlotte. Its chartering organization was the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United Federation of Planets.

The company specialized in the production of deflector shield technology for the Federation, as well as their associated components. Its first practical shield systems were created on Stardate 1/83 and since then contributed greatly in the field of defense shield engineering. This was accomplished by the development of a working dual phase shift transformer, which gave the business a large share in the shield market. As a result of its success, it was seen as an upstart business and a number of major competitors sought to unseat it . This in turn led to a series of corporate battles between the firms that ran from 1/94 through the next five years. This eventually brought about the involvement of the Federation Court of Commerce, which intervened in the final years of "The Great Shield Wars". It was ruled that both Wyandotte Defense Shields and Surelox Systems had both conspired to make Charlotte Shields a victim of price fixing. A resulting judgment was enforced that brought economic parity to the three corporate organizations.

Charlottes Shields possessed at least two sub-divisions within the firm which included:

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