Observer Effect

Travis Mayweather and Malcolm Reed play chess. ("Observer Effect")


Krenn and Spock's game.

Chess is a game which originated on Earth, akin to the Klingon klin zha or Romulan latrunculo. (TOS novel: The Final Reflection)

History and specificsEdit

The traditional two-dimensional variation later gave rise to more complicated successors such as three-dimensional chess. (TOS episode: "Where No Man Has Gone Before")

Eventually, a game called four-dimensional chess was formulated. (TOS novel: My Enemy, My Ally)

Jeremy Grayson, a Human ancestor of Spock, was a grand master level chess player. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

Benjamin Sisko had an old chessboard on Deep Space 9 that he brought from Earth. (DS9 novel: The Big Game, DS9 episode: "Equilibrium")

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