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ChiggerBurger was the most popular food item in the Ferengi Alliance. The name "ChiggerBurger" was a trademark of ChiggerBurgerCorp.

The first ChiggerBurgers were sold by a Ferengi named Logi from a single stand in Ferengi year 14305. It was rumored that passers-by who refused to purchase Logi's ChiggerBurgers ended up as ingredients.

By the 24th century, ChiggerBurger Emporium restaurants were located on every half-block on Ferenginar. Additionally, ChiggerBurgerCorp would home deliver a daily supply to their customers -- whether they had ordered any or not.

The slogan for ChiggerBurgers was, "They're the Krunchiest burgers in the Galaxy!" An alternate advertising slogan -- "ChiggerBurgers... Good" -- was supposedly used by genetically engineered insects who would whisper the phrase into sleeping Ferengi's ears. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

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