ChiggerBurgerCorp was a Ferengi Alliance business which owned and operated the ChiggerBurger Emporium chain of restaurants. The company was first established by Logi, who opened his first ChiggerBurger stand in Ferengi year 14305. By the 24th century, there was a ChiggerBurger Emporium every half block on Ferenginar.

ChiggerBurgerCorp was a pioneer in Mandatory Direct Marketing, through which ChiggerBurgers were delivered to homes unordered, and the bank accounts of receivers were automatically charged. ChiggerBurgerCorp also was said to use subliminal advertising in holodramas, to have roadways spell out their logo, and developed genetically engineered insects which whispered the corporate slogans into Ferengi's ears as they slept. (At least one of these claims, made by Quark, resulted in legal action being taken against him by ChiggerBurgerCorp.)

The 214th Rule of Acquisition -- "Never begin a business negotiation on an empty stomach" -- was said to be ChiggerBurgerCorp's Rule. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

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