Chilp was a 24th century Creeg individual, a crewman aboard a Creeg starship encountered by the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D in 2364. When Captain Bronder led a boarding party to make contact with the Enterprise crew, Drilge was left in command of the Creeg vessel. Drilge oversaw the Creeg efforts to keep the vessel off guard while Bronder sought an energy lifeform he believed to be aboard the Federation ship, ordering Chilp to systematically drain the Enterprise's power systems. When the Enterprise crew offered cooperation in seeking the lifeform, Bronder contacted Drilge and ordered full power restored to the Starfleet ship, an order that Drilge passed onto Chilp while expressing some surprise at the captain's beneficence. When the being allowed the Creeg to share its life force, Drilge was disoriented Chilp, initiate a communication to Bronder. (TNG comic: "Spirit in the Sky!")