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Chronitons are a type of sub-atomic particle which are linked to time. Chronitons are often associated with temporal anomalies and instances of time travel. They do occur naturally, but are rare.

In 2365 Kori and Cumin, farmer's children on The Armada, found a Romulan torpedo, within which they found a quantity of chroniton particles. They hatched a plan to have to use the particles as a crop treatment to accelerate the growth of crops in The Armada, thus giving them more free time. They took this plan to their parents who agreed and secretly treated their crops. Unfortunately the children were not satisfied to simply get some more free time and sabotaged the chroniton formula to make it destroy the crops. This led to massive crop failures and Starfleet calling in the USS Enterprise-D, the crew of which soon discovered what the farmers had done. Years later a Cardassian colony was forced to abandon when its food supplies were contaminated with chroniton radiation. (TNG comic: "Space Seeds")

Chronitons can injure and even kill the Prophets and the Pah-wraith, entities who exist out of time. In 2373, a Pah-wraith inhabiting Keiko O'Brien forced Miles O'Brien to fire a chroniton burst at the Bajoran wormhole from Deep Space 9. The following year, Winn Adami used chronitons to force out a Prophet and a Pah-wraith which were inhabiting Kira Nerys and Jake Sisko and stop the Reckoning. (DS9 episodes: "The Assignment", "The Reckoning", DS9 - Millennium novels: The Fall of Terok Nor, Inferno)

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