The Chronowerx Corporation was a business entity that operated on Earth in the mirror universe. It was operated by Henry Starling who had gained a great deal of technological advantage from a starship from the 29th century operated by Captain Braxton. After plundering the knowledge from Braxton, Starling used it to revolutionise computer systems but maintained a strict rule over Earth. His death left the planet in a Dark Age due to mismanaged computer systems though it managed to reform itself where it became a corporation within the Terran Empire.

As their computing processes serve as the basis for the Empire, Chronowerx programmers maintained a kept advantage over their rivals as they were capable of creating new applications or maintained the current systems. This was because they had access to the documents from Henry Starling himself. All attempts by the Science Ministry to break the corporation's hold over computer technology had only met with failure. By this point, it was deeply entrenched into the Imperial economy even though its operating systems had become part of the public domain. This meant that the Imperial Starfleet had to rely on consultants from Chronowerx for their computers and thus the corporation became a key part of the Terran war complex. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)


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