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In an alternate reality, Clark Kent (also known as Kal-El or Superboy) was a boy student in 20th century Kansas who had a secret of extraordinary powers beyond those of ordinary Humans.


Although thought to be Human by his peers and community, Clark was a Kryptonian, launched from his dying homeworld as an infant, one of only a few to survive the planet Krypton. In a universe of that reality's multiverse, he took the identity of Superboy to use his powers gained by exposure to a yellow star for the good of his adopted homeworld, Earth. To this end, he frequently encountered time travellers and other intersections with parallel universes, which led him to become a member of the 30th century Legion of Super-Heroes. (TOS - Legion of Super-Heroes comic: "Issue 3")



Legion of Super-Heroes
Legionnaires Imra Ardeen-Ranzz (Saturn Girl) • Reep Daggle (Chameleon Boy) • Querl Dox (Brainiac 5) • Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy) • Tasmia Mallor (Shadow Lass) • Garth Ranzz (Lightning Lad) Legion of Super-Heroes
Legion Academy candidates Pol Krinn (Magnetic Kid) • Grev Mallor (Shadow Kid)


Superboy was not mentioned or described in dialogue, but was seen in one panel of the third issue of the crossover between Star Trek and the DC Comics Legion franchise. In particular, the Superboy seen as part of that incarnation of the Legion would be the Superboy of "Earth-1", and sometimes considered the Superboy of Earth-1's "pocket universe". However, no details of his life were part of the Star Trek story, so none of these topics are linked as they are not relevant to this wiki.

In an apparent discontinuity, Clark Kent's alter ego of Superman was mentioned as being a fictional character of comic literature in ENT episode: "Shuttlepod One", TOS - Fortunes of War novel: Battlestations! and TNG novel: Ghost Ship, even though the Legion were portrayed as real persons encountered in the comic crossover.

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