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Clarze was a 24th century Deltan man, a Starfleet officer trained as a flight controller. By the 2370s decade, Clarze had attained the rank of ensign and served aboard the Federation starship USS Enterprise-E.


In the year 2374, Clarze was murdered by the malevolent entity 0, who used a tentacle to strangle the young officer to death. Much to the horror of Captain Picard and everyone else on the bridge, 0 reanimated Clarze's corpse, and used the young conn officer's body to take over the ship and put it on a course to the center of the galaxy to free The One.

Once 0 and Q had left the bridge, Picard used a hand phaser set on maximum to vaporize Clarze's body. (TNG novels: Q-Space, Q-Zone, Q-Strike)


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