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The Class 2 shuttlecraft was a small Federation shuttlecraft in operation in the early 24th century.


The Class 2 shuttlecraft had been introduced into service sometime before 2330s and was used aboard Starfleet starships. Sometime before the year 2336, an away team from the USS Barker used a shuttlecraft of this class to escape out of Ryn space. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

Sometime before 2371, shuttlecraft of this class were used by Starfleet Academy for training purposes. (VOY episode: "Drone")


Class 2 shuttlecraft could accomodate 4 passengers and were capable of achieving a maximum speed of warp 2. They were armed with phasers and had deflector shields for defense. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)



In the VOY episode: "Drone", Tom Paris recounts how, prior to the 2370s, Starfleet cadets were couped up in class 2 shuttles by the half-dozen for weeks at a time. While the episode implies that he was referring to shuttlecraft of the same type as the one he was aboard of at the time - a Type-9 shuttlecraft - it can be reasonably assumed that he was indeed referring to this older design which, by then, had likely been taken out of front-line service, instead of the relatively new Type-9.


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