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A class-9 nebula is a type of nebula, whose constituent compounds and elements have sensor-deceiving properties. Some class-9 nebulae also contained volatile gases.

The Tholians once attempted to collect volatile gases from a class-9 nebula in a Bussard collector for use as a weapon. (TNG eBook: A Sea of Troubles)


nebular classification
alphanumeric class 1class 2class 3class 9class 11class 12class 17class Jclass Kclass TMutara class
descriptions cerulean nebuladark nebuladark matter nebuladichromatic nebulaemission nebulainversion nebulalatinum nebulametaphasic nebulametreon nebulamicro-nebulaplanetary nebulaproto-nebulaprotostellar nebularadioactive nebulareflection nebulastellar nurserytachyon nebula

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